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[IMG] 30/01/2019 [ 𝕚 ] Popular

Čo nedokážu ani počítače budúcnosti? / What neither future computers can do?

Our colleague Daniel Nagaj is giving a SAVinci popular-science talk [in Slovak] on quantum computers. It is part of a series of science-coffee events organized by Slovak Academy of Sciences. ... read more ...

Place: Westend Gate Lobby, Dúbravská cesta, Bratislava - Patrónka
Time: Wednesday 30/01/2019, 17:30
[IMG] 03/06/2019 [ 𝕚 ] Workshop

CEQIP 2019

We are happy to announce that RCQI (FU SAV, Bratislava) is organizing 16th edition of traditional CEQIP workshops. This year it will be held in "kings' town" Skalica (Slovakia, 60km north of Bratislava). Deadline for absract submission is 15/03/2018 and the submission/registration will be open at the beginning of February. Looking forward to meet you there!

CEQIP website:
[IMG] 01/01/2019 [ 𝕚 ] Docs

Budúcnosť je kvantová / The future is quantum

(Vyhlásenie Slovenskej národnej výskumnej platformy kvantových technológií
... continue to read ... [this text is in Slovak]
[IMG] 01/01/2019 [ 𝕚 ] Project

European Microkelvin Platform (EMP)

Approved H2020 RIA project (Call H2020-INFRAIA-2018-1, RIA, 2019-2020) for (CLPT) Center of Low Temperature Physics (joint research center of Institue of Experimental Physics of SAS and Faculty of Natural Sciences of Šafárik University, Košice). EMP is a consortium of 17 partners (8 key partners) which have an extensive portfolio of capacities and expertise in ultralow temperature physics. EMP will receive 9.98 M€ (1.1 M€ allocated for CLTP) in the next four years from the European Commisson for supporting user access to its facilities as well as operating and updating the infrastructure. The research activities are dedicated diretly to quantum technologies.

Annotation: The European Microkelvin Platform (EMP) provides access to the ultralow temperature frontier approaching absolute zero. The Platform is continuously evolving by extending its reach, building on the integration achieved through previous infrastructure calls. Europe already has a significant research lead in the microkelvin regime and we will reinforce this by encouraging the further exploitation, in both the shorter and longer term, of ultralow temperatures for the development of new concepts, new applications and new devices, especially in the fields of nanoscience, materials research and quantum technology in all its forms. The EMP is a consortium of 17 partners which provide an extensive portfolio of capacities and expertise in ultralow temperature physics. Since this is a fast evolving and expanding frontier field, we also lay considerable weight on improving and upgrading our infrastructure, since the lowest accessible temperatures are continuously falling. These advances allow us, and our users from across Europe, to study new phenomena, thereby generating new knowledge, applications and commercial opportunities. We have a particular interest in the benefits of ultralow temperature physics for driving forward the inter-related areas of quantum materials, nanoscience, and quantum technology. The activities of the EMP hold enormous potential for innovation. A more extensive description of the Platform and its philosophy can be found in Nature Reviews Materials, The European Microkelvin Platform, Nat. Rev. Mater. 3, 18012 (2018).

Project Duration: 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2022
Project website:
Project coordinator: Prof. Christian Enss (University of Heidelberg) ©