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QUTE.sk – Slovak National Center for Quantum Technologies

Dúbravská cesta 9, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia


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Quapital Summer School 2022

When? September 04 – 08, 2022

Where? Smolenice Castle, Slovakia

Registration: The registration is closed.

Conference fee:

  • 700€ room for yourself (single room)
  • 500€ room shared with another person (twin room)

Contact Person: Mgr. Denisa Lampášová (PhD student at IP SAS), denisa.lampasova@savba.sk


Rupert Ursin | about
CEO & Founder of qtlabs, Vienna

Virginia D’Auria | about
Quantum Sources & Communication:
Associate professor, Institut de Physique de Nice

Manuel Erhard | about
Cybersecurity in the age of quantum technologies
Scientist, qtlabs (Vienna)

Sebastian Neumann
Fiber QKD
Scientist, qtlabs (Vienna)

Lukas Mairhofer
From foundational research to application
Lecturer/Researcher, UAS Technikum Wien

Djeylan Aktas | about
Single & Entangled Photon Sources
Senior scientist, IP SAS (Bratislava)

Martin Bohmann
What are q. resources? | Increasing QKD rates
Scientist, qtlabs (Vienna)

Daniel Oi | about
Satellite Quantum Communication
Senior Lecturer, Uni. of Strathclyde (Glasgow)

Mário Ziman | about
Quantum Basics
Senior scientist & director, IP SAS (Bratislava)


Cybersecurity in the age of quantum technologies | Manuel Erhard, Sep 05
  • How do quantum computers threaten current encryption technologies?
  • The quantum computing threat timeline.
  • Overview of space and fiber-based QKD systems
Single & Entangled quantum sources | Djeylan Aktas, Sep 05
  • State of the art of photon sources based on the nonlinearity of a material.
What are quantum resources? | Martin Bohmann, Sep 06
  • Quantum advantage for different applications
  • Different angles relate to different notions of quantum and quantum advantages
  • At the heart lies the superposition principle
  • Addressing different notions: Glauber-Sudarshan nonclassicality, entanglement, Bell nonlocality, etc. (non-exhaustive)
  • Incompatible notions with examples
Fiber QKD: Nonlinear crystals and spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC) | Sebastian Neumann, Sep 06
  • Sagnac-Source of polarization-entangled photon pairs
  • Wavelength correlations and channel selection
  • Source performance parameters
Fiber QKD: Polarization analysis modules | Sebastian Neumann, Sep 06
  • Polarization analysis modules
  • Nanowire-based single-photon detectors
  • Timing precision and error rates
Quantum Sources & Communication: Quantum Networks and relays | Virginia D’Auria, Sep 06
  • How to scale quantum links based on entanglement
  • What is Entanglement Swapping?
  • The problem of synchronization and trade-off
  • High repetition rate Telecom clock for quantum networks (HSPS & swapping experiment)
  • Quantum Sources: All-in-fiber CV sources | Virginia D’Auria, Sep 07
  • Integrated photonics for Quantum Communications
  • From discrete variable to continuous variable for QKD
  • A demonstration of an all-in-fiber implementation (state-of-the-art/challenges)
Increasing QKD rates | Martin Bohmann, Sep 07
  • Key-rate problem in entanglement-based QKD given by detection
  • Motive solutions to increase the key rate
  • Pathway 1: quantum multiplexing
  • Pathway 2: high-dimensional encoding
  • Comment on noise resilience
Fiber QKD: The interplay of loss, brightness and detector jitter | Sebastian Neumann, Sep 07
  • The interplay of loss, brightness and detector jitter
  • Chromatic dispersion
  • Polarization drift
  • Timing synchronization
Satellite Quantum Communication I | Daniel Oi, Sep 08
  • Satellite QKD Architectures
  • Satellite/Space Engineering
  • SatQKD Performance
Satellite Quantum Communication II | Daniel Oi, Sep 08
  • Implementation of SatQKD
  • SatQKD Components and Sub-Systems
  • Case Study: Space-Air and Space-Space QKD Constellation



The school will be held at the Smolenice Castle, history of which dates back to 15th century and which currently serves as the Congress Center of Slovak Academy of Sciences. It is situated approximately 60 km northeast from Bratislava in the central area of the smallest Slovak mountain chain called Malé Karpaty.

More information is available at the official Congress Centre website.


Provided inside the castle. Let us stress that it is included in the conference fee so you do no have to make any reservation by yourself.


Yes. The castle area is covered by a free wi-fi signal. Details will be given at the meeting.


After a successfull QUAPITAL summer school in 2019, we would like to build a tradition of hosting yearly quantum communication summer schools.

QUAPITAL is a consortium of hosting providers to build the first reliable Quantum Internet on top of Europe’s glass fiber network.


The Institute of Physics SAS acknowledges the summer school’s financial support via the subcontracting project QUAPITAL.SK (OPENQKD Contract Number 857156 — Search for Subcontractors, Open Call 2).

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